Hugh B. Cave’s Peter Kane Anthology

The Complete Cases of Peter Kane (The Dime Detective Library)

by Hugh B. Cave, introduction by Bob Byrne

Kane_MyIntroNo longer a Boston police officer, hard-boiled drunk Peter Kane made the easy transition to work as a P.I. Though now in private practice, Kane had a knack for cracking cases while constantly inebriated. Collecting the entire series, along with an all-new introduction by Bob Byrne.

Written by Hugh B. Cave, Kane stumbled through nine gin-soaked yarns published between 1934 and 1942 in the pages of Dime Detective, the prestigious crime pulp second only to the legendary Black Mask in its impact on the genre.

Contains the following stories: “The Late Mr. Smythe,” “Hell on Hume Street,” “Bottled in Blonde,” “The Man Who Looked Sick,” “The Screaming Phantom,” “The Brand of Kane,” “Ding Dong Belle,” “The Dead Don’t Swim” and “No Place to Hide.”

365 pages | $24.95 softcover | $34.95 hardcover

Just want to point out that I wrote the intro to this collection… Debuting at PulpFest in a few weeks and available shortly thereafter.

3 thoughts on “Hugh B. Cave’s Peter Kane Anthology

  1. ronslibrary

    Thank you for the heads-up on this Cave title…I’m a *huge* Cave fan, but had no idea this was in the works. I’m off to order it from Altus…the only question now is, paperback or hardcover? Decisions, decisions…

  2. ronslibrary

    EDIT: Actually, I just realized I already have this book under its Fedogan & Bremer title, BOTTLED IN BLONDE. A shame — I was so excited to hear of about a new Cave title. Perhaps you and Altus will do add’l Cave volumes down the road…?

    1. Bob Byrne Post author

      Howdy. I discovered the Kane stories through Bottled in Blonde – this is a new version of that collection; with a new intro from me.

      I know Altus released a Cave book with three of his weird menace stories as part of their Trio of Terrors (I think it was called) line.

      I haven’t read much Cave (or weird menace, for that matter), but something about the Kane stories really grabs me.

      Thanks for checking in.

      And if you are a pulp fan, swing by every Monday morning for my column, ‘With a (Black) Gat in the Hand.’


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