I’ve been a Holmes fan for over thirty years and I created SolarPons.com for the Sherlock Holmes of Praed Street. I am a writer, father, husband and Christian.

6 thoughts on “About

  1. Ernest

    I like your blog (especially as even as a Sherlockian I love JDM). Hope it’s OK if I put a link to it on our society’s links page (www.criterionbar.org). As far as being “a writer, father, husband and Christian”… well, one out of four ain’t bad. 😉

    1. Bob Byrne Post author

      Always happy to hear from John MacD fans. I really do think he was the finest fiction writer of the twentieth century. And a first class social commentator/critic. He wrote more good stuff (great name for a short story collection…) than anybody else.

      I need to avoid getting totally off road with MacD and not posting about Holmes and Pons. I run that same risk when I start reading Nero Wolfe stories!

  2. Robert

    I don’t see a way to e-mail you, so I’ll ask here: Have I ever discussed the material at the linked Web site with you? The tidbit most likely to interest you is the inference that the TV serial “Lost” was named for, and based partly on, “The Lost Special”.

  3. Tucker Johnston

    Do you have any larger scans of the Murcer at the Baskervilles lobby card you posted? Please email me if you do!

    1. Bob Byrne Post author

      Hi Tucker. I missed this comment. Sorry for the delayed reply. I don’t have any other images of that poster card. I think I pulled that off of the net.


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