Hither Came Conan – A New Series at BlackGate.com

conan_frazettafrostgiantsWhile I haven’t posted here in a while, I have been busy on the web.

A (Black) Gat in the  Hand, my hardboiled pulp column ran every Monday morning over at BlackGate.com from May 14th through December 31st. I looked at some neat stuff, and I had some friends help out with some great guest posts. It was a successful series, and there was a LOT more stuff I would have liked to tackle. It’s conceivable that I could bring it back for a limited run in 2020 or 2021. Here’s a link to the last post for the column: about Dwight V. Babcock and the famous West Coast Black Mask Writers Dinner.

It also includes a listing and links to EVERY post in the series – give it a look.

Because I figure if I stop contributing, the powers that be at Black Gate will change the password (or put somebody with actual talent into that Monday morning slot…), I started a brand new series on January 7th! Discovering Robert E. Howard was a fantastic series we ran a couple of years ago, with guest posts from some of the most knowledgeable Howard folks around.

hither_phoenixwt1I wanted to do something Howard-related again. But this time, focusing on his most famous creation: Bran Mark Morn. Just kidding! So, because it’s clear that my best work for Black Gate comes when I organize, as opposed to actually working at the keyboard, I rounded up another fantastic slate of guest posters – and randomly assigned one of Howard’s original Conan stories to each of them. And they have turned in outstanding posts, showing what is great in each story. Here’s an intro post for the series, which talks about how I came up with the idea and who is on board.

Bobby Derie kicked things off last week with a look at “The Phoenix in the Sword.” It’s a terrific essay! Later this morning, Fletcher Vredenburgh.

We’ll be back, every Monday morning at 9 AM EST, with a new essay covering all twenty-one completed Howard tales; and “Wolves Beyond the Border” as well.

Plus a few bonus posts from me (hey – it’s my series!) on various Conan-ish topics. We’re gonna run this series right into the summer. So, make it a point to check out each week’s essay – an PLEASE, join in the discussion in the Comments section. I think there’s going to be some great stuff there.



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