The Almost Holmes Podcast is Here!

And you thought that 2020 couldn’t get any worse. You should have learned by now! I woke up this morning knowing NOTHING about podcasts. But they’ve literally made it idiot proof, and I have one up and running. I even figured out how to make edits and splice in some music.

So, I’m going to be recording some of my better posts from the past six years over at the World Fantasy-Award winning website, Hey – they haven’t ALL been bad!

I start out with a Nero Wolfe episode, since that’s my favorite mystery series of them all. Click on by. I’ll try to add a new episode every week or two. If you follow me at Black Gate, you know I cast a wide net. I’ll be talking about Sherlock Holmes, Robert E. Howard, John D. MacDonald, RPGs, hardboiled pulp, Solar Pons, Humphrey Bogart – it should be fun.

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