A (Black) Gat in the Hand

Gat_BigPulpsWell…the new column over at BlackGate.com is slowly gaining traction. I’ve gotten some knowledgeable friends to sign on for guest posts, so you can look forward to learning a lot more about pulp on those Mondays!

I was re-reading Raymond Chandler’s The Big Sleep when I came across a well-known quote and decided it would make an even better column title than what I originally thought up – With a (Black) Gat – though I think that’s till pretty good. So, A (Black) Gat in the Hand is now appearing every Monday morning at 9 AM EST at BlackGate.com

If you type ‘Gat’ in the Search field, I think only my column will come up. Though you could enter my name and get a whole lot of posts: some even worth reading!

Gat_BDPDalyAlso, if you are on Facebook, friend me (Bob Byrne). I’ve been doing at least a couple of posts a week under the title, Back Deck Pulp. I talk a little about some author or short story I’m reading, with an illustration or cover from it. Usually taken while I’m sitting on my nice back deck (often showing a bony knee). Thus: the title. Think of the series as a supplement to the column. They’re neat little posts. I’ve done so many I’ve already written two future A (Black) Gat in the Hand posts containing Back Deck Pulps. And there’s more coming!

Here’s a list of what we’ve covered so far at Black Gate, with links. As well as posts I’ve already written and are coming up.

George Harmon Coxe
Raoul Whitfield
Hardboiled Anthologies
Frederick Nebel’s Donahue
Thomas Walsh

Black Mask – January, 1935 (6/18/18)
Norbert Davis’ Ben Shaley (6/25/18)
D.L. Champion’s Rex Shackley (7/2/18)
Dime Detective – August, 1939 (7/9/18)
Back Deck Pulp #1 (7/16/18)
W.T. Ballard’s Bill Lennox (7/23/18)
Black Mask – May, 1934 (7/30/18)
Erle Stanley Gardner’s Ed Jankins (8/6/18)

And I’m constantly working on more subjects, such as Erle Stanley Gardner’s the Phantom Crook, more Norbert Davis (under-appreciated pulpster), Frederick Nebel’s Cardigan, John D. MacDonald (my favorite author!), Paul Cain, Horace McCoy, Hammett and Chandler of course, and many more.

I think we’ve got a pretty neat column going on over at Black Gate and it’s a worthy successor to The Public Life of Sherlock Holmes, which I wrote in the same time slot every week for three years. And the Back Deck Pulps are nifty little nuggets of info on FB. Come see what’s going on!

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