I’m Back With a New Weekly Column!

BlackMask_November1930_DonahueHammettIf you are here reading my personal blog, you probably are aware that for three years, I wrote a weekly column over at the World Fantasy Award-winning website, BlackGate.com.

The Public Life of Sherlock Holmes primarily focused on mystery-related topics, but I wandered all over the place (to my Editor’s chagrin), writing about whatever bright, shiny object attracted my attention – often role paying game and Robert E. Howard-related.

A couple weeks ago, I started a new weekly column at Black GateWith a (Black) Gat. ‘Gat’ was a Prohibition-era term for a gun.

I’m digging into one of my literary loves; the hadboiled PI field.

Working largely from a couple of anthologies and several other books on my shelves, every week there’s something new on an author, story or novel: primarily rooted in the  thirties and forties.

Week one took a look at George Harmon Coxe and his news reporter, Flash Casey. Last Monday it was Black Mask mainstay Raoul Whitfield. Up tomorrow is a discussion of some of the anthologies I’m using for the posts.

I think there’s some pretty good stuff in the weeks and months ahead. Check in every Monday morning and see what’s on tap. You never know when I’ll have a man come through the door with a gun in his hand.

If you didn’t get that Raymond Chandler reference, you really do need to read my column!

Screenshot (2).png



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