Gideon Lowry – John Leslie’s Key West PI

Leslie_NightDaySo, I finished my three-post series on the late, great Tony Hillerman over at You can find links to all three of them in this final post. I thoroughly enjoy his stuff and I recommend you check him out. Or at least read my posts!

I also did a post on a serial killer loose in Austin, TX back in 1885. That’s three years before Jack the Ripper, yet it’s a largely forgotten horror in American crime history. Go ahead and give it a quick look.

In between, I wrote a post on Key West’s finest private eye, Gideon Lowry. I really enjoy this four book series which John Leslie wrote back in the nineties. Lowry, who is in his late fifties, makes as much money playing piano in Key West bars as he does doing PI work. Leslie has created an interesting character.

And Key West becomes an essential element in the series. The ebooks are only $2.99 at Amazon (and free for Kindle unlimited!) and well worth the price. If you’re looking for a good PI series that is a bit different than the rest, check it out. After you read my post, of course!





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