Writing about Tony Hillerman Over at BlackGate.com


UPDATE – Post two, focusing mostly on Joe Leaphorn, is live and you can read it here.

This week over at Black Gate, ‘The Public Life of Sherlock Holmes’ (that’s me) talked a bit about Tony Hillerman. Years ago, a friend gave me a copy of Thief of Time, which I thought was a captivating book. I went back to the beginning of the Navajo Tribal Police series, The Blessing Way, and continued reading the series until Hillerman died of cancer in 2008. His daughter, Anne, has written two additional books since his passing.

This coming Monday (April 25), a second post about Hillerman’s books will go up. I delve into the first three in the series; all of which feature Lieutenant Joe Leaphorn. Then, the week after that, I’ll look at books four, five and six, which feature Jim Chee, a younger, lower-ranked officer. In book seven, Skinwalkers, Hillerman brought Leaphorn and Chee together for the rest of the series.

I hope you read along with me, as this is one of my favorite mystery series. Hillerman (who not an Indian) really immerses the reader in Navajo culture and life in the Four Corners Region.

And Hillerman also wrote The Fly on the Wall, a non-Indian book which was to be his ‘Great American Novel.’ It’s about statehouse reporter Joseph Cotton, who finds himself on the trail of a big story and in deadly peril because of it. It’s one of my favorite novels and I’ll be doing a post on it some day.



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