Back on the REH Foundation Awards Preliminary List

Howard_FoundationPlaqueFor the third year in row, I’m honored to make the Long list for the Robert E. Howard Foundation Awards. I made the short list in 2016 (but didn’t make the cut last year), though I didn’t win. That’s fine. I’m a latecomer to Robert E. Howard (as I am with Rex Stout’s Nero Wolfe) but he’s become my second favorite author, behind only John D. MacDonald. And that might even change. So, I’m glad folks find my Howard scribblings worth reading.

I got nominated for this essay, which posits that the Conan tale, “The God in the Bowl,” is actually a police procedural before the term was even in use. I’m also up for the emerging scholar award.

I’ve set aside Holmes and Pons these days to focus on Conan tales – Howard’s and others’. REH was simply a fantastic writer. And not just of sword and sorcery stories.


And, I want to mention that there’s only five days left in my buddy David Marcum’s latest kickstarter. The first four Solar Pons collections by August Derleth have been out of print for over forty years. No more! They are being reissued by Belanger Books under David’s direction. And the other Derleth collections are coming shortly.

My Pinnacle paperbacks are falling apart. Don’t miss out on the chance to get the best Holmes pastiches we’ve seen yet.


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