I’m Not Dead! Just not Writing Much…

Conan_BlackColossusNo updates this year here on my blog. Huh. I’ve not been too active with my writing, though I’m reading Robert E. Howard and Conan-related material at a furious rate. There will be some essays coming as a result.

Back in January, I did a post over at BlackGate.com, looking at some of the better Conan pastiches that have been written, with opinions from Howard Andrew Jones and Ryan Harvey mixed in. It was the second-most popular post of the month, so that’s not too bad.

That’s been my only Black Gate post this year – I better get going or they will take away my login!

James Schmidt, who runs the Mighty Thor JRS blog, let me do a guest post. I wrote about three Conan stories that are linked by the political scene in Kjoraja (“Black Colossus,” “Shadows in the Dark” and Conan the Renegade).

I liked the idea and may do a couple more posts on REH stories which other authors build on, such as “Beyond the Black River.”

I backed the Conan RPG Kickstarter from Modiphius. Fellow Black Gater Gabe Dybing did as well and he offered to run a Play by Post on FB to explore the system. We added Martin Page and his son Xander and we just got underway. There will be several Black Gate posts related to our venture; the first of which we’re editing now.

I haven’t been in the mystery world for months, but I might write a guest post at another blog in which I talk about a lesser-known Solar Pons story, “The Burlstone Horror.”

Well, just an update to let folks know I’m still around. And I share a lot of thoughts and information on Facebook (Bob Byrne). I’m practically a Cliff Claven of trivia.

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