Merrison’s Holmes on BBC4

Merrison_WithWilliamsWriters talk about who they “see” as their characters when they are creating. When I am writing Holmes, I see different actors as Holmes, depending upon the story. But every time, it is Clive Merrison I hear as the great detective.
Merrison, with Michael Williams as Watson, performed radio dramas of the entire Canon. They are among the best Holmes productions in any media, headed up by Bert Coules. Non-Canonical tales were then recorded, with Andrew Sachs replacing Williams, who had passed away.
Merrison_221BBCBBC Radio 4 is running through ‘The Adventures’ from this fantastic series and you can stream them. There are also other Holmes radio dramas up starring various Holmeses, including more of the Merrison series.
Bert wrote 221 BBC, a book about the series, which Wessex Press re-released in a much-revised and expanded edition. It’s a good read.
I enjoy radio dramas and as far as Holmes goes, I don’t expect to see this one surpassed.

2 thoughts on “Merrison’s Holmes on BBC4

  1. joe allegretti

    I kick myself for not getting the complete Merrison Holmes on CD when it was available for a reasonable price. Looked at it but persuaded myself it would come down in price…

  2. Bob Byrne Post author

    I too passed on the complete CD set years ago. I have all of the Morrison/Williams on cassette tape, but that’s not very useful at present. I really wish I had bitten the bullet and bought it then.


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