I (We) Got Nominated…

REHFoundationAwrdLast March, I did a post on Robert E. Howard’s hard-boiled private eye, Steve Harrison, for ‘The Public Life of Sherlock Holmes’ over at BlackGate.com. I’m a big Howard fan, but I’m not qualified to write about too many aspects of his work. But I thought it would be neat to have others who were contribute to a series covering all kinds of different areas. Paul Bishop agreed to do a piece on Howard’s boxing stories and Discovering Robert E. Howard was born.

Some of the best and brightest names in the world of Robert E. Howard contributed, with the latest (and just about the last) appearing today. This post by Dr. Fred Ward on Almuric also has links to the previous posts in the series.

I am quite pleased to say that the series was nominated for The Black River – Special Achievement Award for the 2016 Robert E. Howard Foundation Awards. Now, I only wrote 3 of the 33 posts we tagged in the series at Black Gate. So, this isn’t a nomination for me. It’s a recognition of the great contributions from almost two dozen people, sharing their expertise on one of the greatest American writers of the twentieth century. The series was a treat to read and I’m pleased I helped put it together.

Black Gate was also nominated for the best website.

I thoroughly enjoyed Howard Andrew Jones and Bill Ward’s re-read of the Del Rey Conan books, which is nominated in the same category. I even voted for it myself (I’m a Foundation member). So if that wins, I don’t think it diminishes what we all accomplished with the series. Heck, the other nominee, Rob Roehm, was busy with his own great stuff and steered me to Bobby Derie, who contributed a fine piece.

There were a few more posts I wanted to include in the series that didn’t quite happen, so I have hopes of a mini Discovering Robert E. Howard follow-up later this year. As the great Inspector Clouseau said, “We shall see what we shall see.”



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