Dirk Gently is Dork Gently

gently_circleIf you read my weekly column over at BlackGate.com, you are probably aware that I am a huge fan of Douglas Adams. While I really like The Hitchhiker’s Guide books, Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency is my favorite.

The BBC miniseries starring Houdini and Doyle’s Stephan Magnon wasn’t bad.

Unfortunately, the new Gently miniseries on BBC America is a festering pile of crap. As I wrote this week over at BlackGate.com, the show has nothing to do with Adams’ character and isn’t any good on its own merits, either. I’ve watched the first three episodes and don’t see much point in continuing on. It’s that bad.

UPDATE – I watched the first ten minutes of episode 4. So, an FBI agent, shot by the alien-like clone beings, was turned into a mouse, while one of the clones became his doppleganger. The mouse was then, apparently, eaten by a girl who thinks she’s a dog.

That was it. I erased it from the DVR and cancelled the series (only from my DVR, sadly). This is just about the stupidest show I have seen in my life. What a wasted opportunity to bring Douglas Adams to television.



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