Sidney Paget, The Illustrated Holmes & Solar Pons


Sidney Paget himself, with some of his famous creations, drawn by Holmes illustrator extraordinaire Phil Cornell

A few weeks ago, The Public Life of Sherlock Holmes post over at was about Holmes illustrator Sidney Paget. The information pretty much came from my essay, The Illustrated Holmes.

The 2014 issue of my free, online Holmes newsletter, Baker Street Essays, consisted primarily of that essay, which is one of the more useful pieces of Sherlockiana I’ve written. It led off with a short essay about Vincent Starrett’s Evolution of a Profile.

If you’re at all interested in the various artists that illustrated Doyle’s stories as they appeared, I think you’ll enjoy that issue.

Tonight, it occurred to me that The Illustrated Pons would be a natural for the 2016 Solar Pons Gazette. Frank Utpatel, Stefanie K. Hawks, Les Edwards and some people I haven’t identified yet haven’t been written about yet.

I think this one is definitely coming.


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