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Catching up on The Public Life of Sherlock Holmes

Brett_BakerStreet2The third and final installment in my look at Granada’s The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes went well over at The Public Life of Sherlock Holmes. I think I’ll tackle The Memoirs and The Sign of Four this year as well.

The week after that, I mentioned Turner Classic Movies’ ‘Summer of Darkness, which is a 24 hour noir film fest every Friday in June and July. It’s an unequaled slate of noir and hard boiled flicks well worth checking out.

Pipe_RathboneEver wonder how Holmes got his magnifying glass, pipe and deerstalker? Well, read this and wonder no more!

This week, it was a Case Commentary for The Bruce Partington Plans. I’ve always particularly liked that story.

I think that The Public Life of Sherlock Holmes has appeared over at Black Gate for 66 consecutive Monday mornings and we’re certainly not done yet!

The Public Life of Sherlock Holmes – Ya Gotta Ask & Hard Boiled Holmes

This week over at Black Gate, I wrote a piece on how I’ve gone from a complete nobody to a writer (note the lower case “w”) by essentially raising my arm and saying, “Hey, over here.” My approach is working somewhat, as it’s how I got a column at Black Gate, which resulted in the post!

HBH_MurderLast week, I put up one of my favorite Sherlockian essays. I’m quite the fan of hard boiled fiction. It’s a little bit tongue in cheek, but I assert that the roots of the bard boiled school can be traced back to Holmes and the Victorian Era. Yep: Hammett from Doyle and Chandler from Morrison. There’s more to it than you probably thought possible.

The Public Life of Sherlock Holmes – Ellery Queen’s Misadventures of SH

Misadventures_CoverOne of the hardest to find Holmes anthologies is Ellery Queen’s Misadventures of Sherlock Holmes. This week over at Black Gate, I explain why that’s the case.

Last week, I wrote about one of my favorite ‘under the radar’ series. I’m a hard boiled fan, from the original pulpsters to James Lee Burke. A series that I really like which you may not have heard of is Michael Stone’s ‘Streeter.’ Streeter is a Denver bounty hunter and it’s an extremely well written series. Check out my post.

And coming up for Throw Back Thursday is part three of my look at Arthur Wontner.