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Branch Rickey Threatens Major League Baseball. Also, Ty Cobb Was a Hall of Fame Jerk.

Sherlock Holmes, Solar Pons, Nero Wolfe, John D. MacDonald, Elric of Melnibone, Tony Hillerman, Humphrey Bogart, Dashiell Hammett, The Beach Boys: there are a lot of things I like to read and write about. But if I could only have one, it would probably be baseball history. I just love that subject.

ContinentalLeagueNPOver at Walking Through the Valley, I’ve got another cool baseball post up. Branch Rickey, who invented the minor league system and brought Jackie Robinson to Brooklyn to smash the color barrier, nearly created a third major league. Though it failed, it did force baseball to expand: something it had resisted for decades.


Also: you might have heard that Ty Cobb was a bit of a jerk. Well, he proved that in 1912 and his team went on strike in his defense!

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