Black Gate – Hard Boiled Holmes

Chandler_SimpleArtMurder.jpgI’ve been blogging over at World Fantasy Award-winning website, since March of 2014. My mystery column, The Public Life of Sherlock Holmes (a tip of the deerstalker to Vincent Starrett there), ran every Monday morning for three years.

I still toss in a mystery post here and there. I founded Modular, an RPG column written periodically by various Black Gaters, and have contributed quite a few gaming posts.

I’ve organized two major Robert E. Howard-centric series, with rosters of all star guest posters: Discovering Robert E. Howard, and Hither Came Conan. I even managed to win a 2018 Robert E. Howard Foundation Award for my Black Gate contributions.

And with some more help from my friends, I’ve managed two rounds of a hardboiled/pulp column: A (Black) Gat in the Hand. And that’s a tip of the fedora to Raymond Chandler.

I think I’ve written some pretty good stuff – I hope my short stories can become as good as my nonfiction is! But one essay I’m pretty pleased with, is Hard Boiled Holmes.

Originally written for Sherlock Magazine (I was a columnist for that print mag), I trace the elements of classic hardboiled, back to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s enduring detective. It might sound like a stretch, but I think I do a pretty credible job of making my point. Click on over and see.

I’ve written so many posts at Black Gate, I’m going to be sharing them weekly here on my own blog. Stay tuned!

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