A Nero Wolfe Newsletter? Satisfactory!

Wolfe_MurderBookHopefully, if you’re here, you are aware that I have created two free, on-line Newsletters, which I host over at my Solar Pons website. The Solar Pons Gazette is dedicated to ‘The Sherlock Holmes of Praed Street.’ Baker Street Essays is about Sherlock Holmes.

Let me give you a tip: if you want to become a professional writer, creating free, online Newsletters is NOT the way to go about it.
So, of course, I just created my third such one, which is why I make my living as a Fiscal Officer (we can discuss my level of ‘professional’ in that field elsewhere.

I have read (and written about) a LOT of mystery series’, but my favorite of them all is Rex Stout’s Nero Wolfe. I have re-read the stories in the Corpus many times and never tire of them. So, it was time to put together some of my writings about Wolfe and Archie.

If you like Rex Stout’s mismatched pair, go ahead and give it a look. And if you haven’t discovered these wonderful stories, the first essay will give you an overview of the series; with a Sherlockian perspective.

Go ahead and click on over

2 thoughts on “A Nero Wolfe Newsletter? Satisfactory!

  1. Bob Byrne Post author

    Glad you liked it, Joe. I don’t think there’s another series as re-readable for me. Even though I know the ending every time. Stout was just so great at writing the characters.


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