I Made the REH Foundation Awards Prelim List

Howard_FoundationPlaqueVery much to my pleasant surprise, my name has popped up on the preliminary list for the 2017 Robert E. Howard Foundation awards.

The Cimmerian—Outstanding Achievement, Essay (Online)

(Essays must have made their first public published appearance in the previous calendar year and be substantive scholarly essays on the life and/or work of REH. Short blog posts, speeches, reviews, trip reports, and other minor works do not count.)

BYRNE, BOB – “Steve Harrison: REH’s Private Detective” – REH: Two Gun Raconteur Blog

The Venarium — Emerging Scholar

(The following candidates have recently begun making significant contributions to Howard scholarship through publications and/or presentations over the past few years. Previous winners are not eligible)

BYRNE, BOB – Contributed to TGR Blog and organized “Discovering REH” series for Black Gate

I was a Finalist for The Black River – Special Achievement award last year for my efforts in organizing the ‘Discovering REH’ series. As I said all along, the popularity and success of that series was due to the excellent essays being written by our guest posters.

I’m flattered to even be considered for The Venarium and happy that at least a few folks like my Steve Harrison essay. I’m a huge REH fan, and I’m rather critical of his Harrison works, which makes it kind of ironic.

Whether I make it on to the Final List or not, I’m just happy to have my name show up in REH circles. I’m working, as time allows, on an essay that discusses “The God in the Bowl,” which is usually considered one of the weaker Conan stories, as a solid police procedural. The nominations might be the kick in the pants I need to get going on it!

I mostly write about mystery stuff, but I’ve done some pieces on fantasy and sword and sorcery, which I have been reading for going on four decades. And Robert E. Howard is simply the best writer in the genre that I’ve found yet.

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