A new Nero Wolfe Story – ‘Stamped For Murder’

wolfe_greenstreetWell, sort of. I’m a huge fan of Rex Stout’s Nero Wolfe books. In fact, it’s my favorite series of them all. I’ve re-read the Corpus (what the collection is called) several times and I’ve got all the Robert Goldsborough pastiches as well.

As I wrote here, there was a Wolfe radio series starring Sidney Greenstreet. It’s fair, at best. But I went ahead and took one of the episodes and turned it into an 11,000 word story. There are a few changes here and there, but I kept as much of the original dialogue and scenes in place as a I could.

If you like Nero Wolfe (and why wouldn’t you?), swing on over and check it out. Then let me know what you think of it.

And if you’re not familiar with Nero Wolfe, this post I wrote over at BlackGate.com is worth a look.


4 thoughts on “A new Nero Wolfe Story – ‘Stamped For Murder’

  1. Bob Byrne Post author

    Thanks Joe. I’ll probably attempt to adapt another episode from the show. One thing I learned from this first attempt is I need to add more narrative, or drop some of the dialogue. Since it’s a radio show, it’s awfully dialogue-heavy. I think I did a better job of dealing with it in the first half than the second. But writing Archie and Wolfe is awfully fun!

  2. talkchatter

    I am not very good at dialogue so I can hardly talk but I found the dialogue in your adaptation didn’t fit, it didn’t sound in my head like Wolfe and Archie. The narrative was fine.

  3. Bob Byrne Post author

    TAlkchatter – There’s a lot of the radio show that doesn’t feel like Stout’s writing. Archie is completely girl crazy, he CONSTANTLY bugs Wolfe about the bank account and Wolfe is overly churlish towards him. I’d say I kept at least 90% of the dialogue from the radio play, which is a bit off.

    The excerpt from an original story I started is more in my style.


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