A Good Month at BlackGate.com

swordswizardry_coverI have been writing the Monday morning post over at BlackGate.com since March of 2014. ‘The Public Life of Sherlock Holmes’ has covered a wide range of topics while still focusing on the greatest private detective of them all.

September was by far my best month there, as I had three of the top ten most-viewed posts. Interestingly, all were gaming-related and had nothing to do with Holmes or the mystery genre. Of course, since it’s a fantasy website, that’s not a huge surprise.

My post looking at why I chose Swords & Wizardry (old school) over Pathfinder (modern school) for my current RPG campaign turned out to be the second most popular post of the year so far. I’m a Pathfinder fan and I’ve got a couple of posts coming on why I still think that is a fine system.

The #7 post for the month, RPGing is Storytelling, looked at how growing up Dungeons & Dragons (along with reading mythology) helped me become a writer (to the extent I am one).

And at #9 was my post on prolific pulpster Lester Dent’s formula for writing a pulp story – with plenty of additional insights from Michael Moorcock.

My post on James Edward Holroyd’s two entries in Otto Penzler’s Sherlock Holmes Library came in at #48.

While I’m going to continue to keep writing about Holmes and mysteries (I have GOT to finish an essay on Erle Stanley Gardner’s Cool and Lam series!), I’m going to be writing more gaming stuff over the course of the next year. I enjoy it and people seem to like it.

Makes sense to me!

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