Of Necromancers and Frog Gods (Part Two

FGG_TomeWaaaay back in November, I did a long post on 3rd Edition D&D company, Necromancer Games. It was a pretty neat look at their history. Necromancer evolved into Frog God Games, which is very active with Pathfinder, 5th Edition D&D and Swords & Wizardry.

So, I finally finished my history of Frog God. When coupled with that first post, it’s an almost 10,000 word look one of the major players in the third party publisher field. If you are familiar with either company or there’s D&D in your past (or present), you might want to check these posts out.

While I write more nonfiction than fiction, it’s mostly Sherlock Holmes/mystery genre-related. It was fun to stretch out on a history type of piece.

Not that it’s an Aaron Burr or Monitor vs. the Virginia real history type of thing…

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