How George Raft Made Humphrey Bogart a Star

Last week, The Public Life of Sherlock Holmes looked at The Maltese Falcon: primarily focusing on Bogart’s 1941 classic film. Well, that gave me the opportunity to follow it up with one of my own favorite essays.

Raft_DriveWarner Brothers signed Raft in 1939 and Jack Warner expected him to be the company’s biggest star. Humphrey Bogart was a supporting actor who usually got gunned down by the hero and occasionally snagged the lead in a minor B picture. Through a series of just terrible casting decisions, George Raft completely torpedoed his career while turning Bogart into Bogie. Dead End, High Sierra, The Maltese Falcon – Raft was his own worst enemy.

If you’re a Bogart fan, you really should head on over to Black Gate and see the details: I couldn’t make this stuff up!


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