A History of Necromancer Games

Necro_CrucibleI began playing Dungeons and Dragons about forty years ago. Though I don’t play these days (though I still try to board game), I enjoy reading RPG products. Mostly it’s for Pathfinder, and it’s often Frog God Games.

I’ve forgotten most of what I knew about AD&D (1st Edition), so 3rd Edition is my speciality. And I’m a big fan of Necromancer Games’ stuff. Which makes my liking Frog God a natural progression.

Over at Black Gate this week, I posted Of Necromancers and Frog Gods – Part One. It’s a history of Necromancer, with insights from Black Gaters and Necromancer/Frog God employees.

If you were a Necromancer fan, or even played 3rd Edition, swing by and give it a look. I think you’ll find some good stuff. I’m not aware of a free, online history of Necromancer that compares to it.

Part Two (due up next month) will look at Frog God Games’ history. Frog God was created by Necromancer co-founder Bill Webb not long after Necromancer packed it in. It’s very much a successor company in approach to gaming.

There’s even going to be an accompanying post on Frog God’s very active ‘The Lost Lands’ campaign setting, which has spawned a slew of successful Kickstarters (like this one, wrapping up this Sunday at midnight).


One of the many topics on my “To Write” list for Black Gate posts is a piece on how RPGing as a kid and teen helped fuel my imagination and develop my story telling ability. I retain a fondness of the pre-PC RPG world.

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