Catching up on the Public Life of Sherlock Holmes

Whathappened_BenchWell, The Public Life of Sherlock Holmes continues to plod along every Monday morning over at  This post on season three of Elementary turned out to be the most viewed post for the entire month of July. That’s the first time I came in at number one!

A few years ago now, I wrote a short short story that was a parody of the hard boiled genre, with a heavy dose of William Gillette’s curtain raiser, The Painful Predicament of Sherlock Holmes. Shovel’s Painful Predicament is funny. Well, I think so, anyways.

Ramblings_ElBorakI’ve continued helping guide Black Gate’s ‘Discovering Robert E. Howard series. We just had our twelfth post earlier this week and quite a few more guest columnists will be contributing. Originally planned to run in July and August, we’re extending it into the Fall!

I’ve used PLoSH a couple of times for the series: writing a post about the official status of Conan pastiches and comparing that with Holmes pastices; and another with some ramblings on Howard, who I consider to be the best fantasy writer of them all.

And a few weeks ago, I wrote about Ronald Howard, an under-appreciated Holmes and one of my favorites.

Topics_SheerluckIf you happen to check in on my Black Gate column once in awhile, I posted about some of the topics I’ve already started researching for future posts, as well as others I’ve at least thought of. See if there is anything that catches your attention.

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