Discovering Robert E. Howard at Black Gate

CoolandLam_HEap1I’m a binge reader and writer. I go all in on a subject for a period of time and immerse myself in it. I might still be reading one or two other things at the same time, but most of the focus is in one area.

For example, I read/re-read about a dozen of Erle Stanley Gardner’s ‘Cool and Lam’ books for an upcoming Black Gate post. At the same time, I’ve re-read a couple of Wade Miller’s Max Thursday books for the same purpose. I also re-read one of Basil Copper’s collections just to keep Solar Pons on my radar. And I was actually enjoying Raymond Chandler for the first time (I’ve not been a fan).

But for the past few months, it’s mostly been Robert E. Howard on my screen. I posted earlier about the summer series Black Gate is doing on Howard. After writing a post on REH’s private eye, Steve Harrison, I asked Paul Bishop to do a piece on Howard’s boxing stories. And I thought about all the other good stuff Howard wrote. And other areas of interest, like comics, the man himself, and so on. So I asked a couple other folks if they’d like to contribute. And those people gave me names of others (fortunately, all who knew much more about Howard and the various subjects than I did). And people who liked what they were reading actually contacted Black Gate to volunteer to write something!
HyboriaMapThis is all a testament to what a fantastic writer Howard was. This week, we’ll likely have our eleventh post in the series, and it will be no surprise to me if we hit two dozen before we’re done! Here’s a link to the latest, which includes links to all the prior posts.

Now, I’m a big fan of Howard’s Conan tales. But if that’s all you know of the man, you are missing out on some first class stuff. My current binge is El Borak and I think it’s got some of his best writing, in any genre!

We’ve got all kinds of subjects coming in this series: Cthulhu, westerns, poetry, horror, Bran Mak Morn, El Borak, role playing games, historicals, etc. If you are a fan of Howard: or you think you’d like to learn a little more about him and his works, head over to and search on Robert E. Howard.

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