The World’s Largest New Sherlock Holmes Story Collection – Parts 1-3

Holmes_MX3So…I am a (smaaaaaaaaaall) part of a successful kickstarter project which also happens to be pre-selling very well at

David Marcum, who is my #1 Solar Pons cohort, decided he wanted the nearly overwhelming task of putting together a big collection of “authentic” Holmes stories. No modern day, Holmes-Watson love affair, ex-CIA assassin, Watson as a woman, whatever: stories the way Doyle wrote them. And Holmes writers from all over the globe responded!

It grew from one volume, to two, to three: over sixty stories, making it the largest collection of new Holmes stories EVER. Arranged chronologically, I’m in volume three. “The Adventure of the Parson’s Son” puts Holmes and Watson in Wyerly, investigating the George Edalji case just after the young man’s arrest. Arthur Conan Doyle hasn’t entered the picture yet.

I don’t want to slight anyone, but some of my favorite Holmes (related) writers are in this series. Will Thomas, Hugh Ashton, Chris Redmond: over a dozen folks who have books adorning my shelves are here. Even Bill Crider, who gets my vote to write an official Travis McGee pastiche, is going where it’s always 1895.

The writers have donated all their royalties to the preservation of Undershaw, one of Arthur Conan Doyle’s former homes (it’s being converted to a school).

I’m not even going to pretend I’ve got one of the best stories in this massive collection. But I can tell you I’m looking forward to adding over 1,000 pages of Holmes pastiches to my collection!

7/20/15 UPDATE – The good folks at I Hear of Sherlock Everywhere posted a nice interview with David and Steve Emecz, head of M/X: the two men behind the anthology.


5 thoughts on “The World’s Largest New Sherlock Holmes Story Collection – Parts 1-3

  1. Jim McArthur

    I’m pretty much a “stick with the Canon” man where Holmes is concerned: but the authors here are being accurate to the period and the characters, and it IS for a worthy project. Good show! 🙂

  2. Bob Byrne Post author

    Jim – More than a few folks wanted to submit what I’ll just call “unCanonical” stories and David stuck to his guns. I even tried to slip one in with H.A. Saintsbury as Holmes and Doyle as Watson and he politely said, “No thank you.”

    I think this will definitely please the more purist-oriented. I like pastiches, but I’m happiest with ones written in the style of folks like Hugh Ashton and Michael Hardwick.

    1. Bob Byrne Post author

      I think so. Most M/X Holmes books are. I was actually surprised to see them at for preorder before the kickstarter is finished.

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