Lately over at Black Gate…

PreTwenties_BaffledIf you’ve visited SolarPons. com (and you have, right???), you know that the heart of the site are the Case Commentaries on the August Derleth stories. Some day, I’ll get to the Copper tales! Well, I gave The Bruce Partington Plans the Case Commentary treatment a few weeks ago for The Public Life of Sherlock Holmes.

Then, it was a look at Sherlock Holmes on film before the Stoll series starring Eille Norwood. With a few exceptions (need to bone up on Clive Brook), I’ve written a pretty informative history of Holmes films up to Basil Rathbone.

Last week, I shared ‘Why Solar Pons’, my favorite self-penned piece of Pons writing.

BrucePTwidle2I’m a fan of the Pathfinder role playing game system. I asked Dave Gross, author of the latest Pathfinder novel, to write a guest post on his series starring Varrian Jegarre and Radovan. He wrote an amusing post on how he pitched this series, which is a mix of fantasy and mystery. He mentions Holmes and Watson all over it.

And I’m happy to say that the first post in the three-part look at Granada’s Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, was the second-most popular post on Black Gate in May (out of 128). The second in the series was seventeenth: folks still love Jeremy Brett!

Tomorrow, I move back into the hard boiled genre with the man who invented it, Carroll John Daly.

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