Black Gate Looks at the Works of Robert E. Howard This Summer

REH_IronManWith his books about Conan, I think Robert E. Howard is the best writer in the fantasy/swords and sorcery genre. I marvel at the way he could put words together in a sentence. One sample from The Scarlet Citadel:

The clash and clangor of steel was as that of a million sledges on as many anvils. The watchers on the walls were stunned and deafened by the thunder as they gripped the battlements and watched the steel maelstrom swirl and eddy, where plumes tossed high among the flashing swords, and standards dipped and reeled.

Of course, he wrote much more than just tales about Conan. Back in March of this year, I wrote a Public Life of Sherlock Holmes post on Robert E.Howard’s hard boiled/adventure private eye stories starring Steve Harrison. At the time, I thought it would be neat to see a post on Howards’ boxing stories. And I knew I was completely unqualifed to write it. So I asked Paul Bishop, the man behind the Fight Card series of books, to write such a post. He did in this great guest post.

Which gave me the idea to ask some other notable folks to write posts on other aspects of Howard’s works. The response was quite positive! So, we’ll be seeing posts this summer at Black Gate on various Howard subjects, such as his westerns, comic books, Howard Days (an annual REH fesitval) and Solomon Kane. I’ve got inquiries out on more subjects and have high hopes for them.

So, if you’re a Robert E. Howard fan, there’s some good stuff coming your way from the web’s leading fantasy website, Black Gate.

2 thoughts on “Black Gate Looks at the Works of Robert E. Howard This Summer

  1. Bob Byrne Post author

    And this is shaping up well. Some notable names in the Howard field (as opposed to mine) have signed on and the number of topics has increased.

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