The Public Life of Sherlock Holmes – More on Granada’s Adventures

Here’s part one.

Holmes_Brett RoseSo, part two of my look at Granada’s The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes went up on Monday over at Black Gate. Of course, I’m biased, but I think there’s some good stuff relating to Jeremy Brett’s best work in the series. And I imagine there’s a tidbit or two in there for the Granda fan.

Next Monday will be the third and final installment covering The Adventures. I’m reasonably sure there will be one more post, giving some observations on the rest of the entire Holmes series by Granada.

I re-watched a few of the early episodes for these posts and I was reminded that Jeremy Brett really was a fantastic Holmes. He combined the energy of Basil Rathbone with the cerebralness (yep: made that up) of Arthur Wontner. For a couple of reasons, the second half of the series was not as good and Brett’s performance does decline: there’s no denying that.

But still, I think Brett will be the finest Holmes of my lifetime (I was born in 1967).

If you search “Jeremy Brett” here on my site, several prior posts will come up.

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