Catching up on The Public Life of Sherlock Holmes – and Jeremy Brett’s coming!

Brett_BakerStreet2So, this coming Monday (May 4) over at Black Gate, I’m starting a three part series on Granada’s The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Should be fun.

This week’s The Public Life of Sherlock Holmes post was about Richard Diamond, Private Detective. I’m a fan of old time radio shows and that’s one of my favorites, starring Dick Powell. I plan on writing several more OTR-related posts. Johnny Dollar is surely on the way!

I think Robert E. Howard was a fanastic writer and I’ve got quite a Conan collection. On April 20th, I reviewed Harry Turtledove’s Conan of Venarium.

O'Toole_CoversThe week before that, The Public Life of Sherlock Holmes looked at four animated Holmes films voiced by Peter O’Toole. I like them!

And to kick off April, I shared some thoughts on what Sherlock Holmes story might be the best to read first.

CityWatch_GuardsCoverBack in January, I posted about Terry Pratchett’s Cohen the Barbarian. I am crazy about Pratchett’s Discworld books. Sadly, on March 12, Sir Terry succumbed to Alzheimer’s. I was already preparing a followup post. On March 30, I talked about his excellent City Watch books from the Discworld series.

Every spring, my reading attention turns to baseball: mostly, Dodgers-related books. This year was no exception (along with another viewing of 42, the Jackie Robinson story. I’ve got a review of The Last Good Season up over at my old blog.

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