The Public Life of Sherlock Holmes – Catching Up

Caves_Cover1Wow: it’s been a month since I posted something here. A few weeks ago, I hit the one year mark at Black Gate. Each Public Life of Sherlock Holmes post comes in around a thousand words. And I’ve had a few bonus posts, so let’s just estimate 55,000 words during that year.

That’s a lot of writing for me. And I’ll admit I’m pleased that I didn’t miss a single Monday morning deadline. However, I am a bit behind on other writing stuff, such as this blog and my Steeleers email group. But I’m still pecking away…

Julian Barnes’ award-winning book, Arthur and George, aired as a three part mini-series on the BBC earlier this month. It’s based on the unjust conviction and imprisonment of Arthur Edjali and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s noble fight to set the matter straight. On February 16, I gave Black Gate readers a preview of the affair. Based on actual facts, not Barnes’ historical fiction.

You might have heard that a Holmes story, allegedly written by Doyle himself, was found in an attic in Scotland. I shared my thoughts. Others have gone into much greater detail why Doyle almost certainly didn’t write the story.

Dus_BasiliskThen, to kick off March, I wrote about Lawrence Watt-Evan’s Lords of Dus series. These four books aren’t nearly as well known as other efforts of the time by folks like Katherine Kurtz, David Eddings and Stephen R. Donaldson. But I liked it then and I still do.

Then, to mark my one year anniversary, I posted my second index of Black Gate essays. It included the first index as well.

I’m a BIG Robert E. Howard fan. I think he’s still the best in the sword and sorcery genre. But he also tried some hard boiled crime stories as well, so I take you on a tour of Steve Harrison.

And just today, I wrote about Isaac Asimov’s first detective robot novel, The Caves of Steel.

Baseball season is about to start, so I’ll be indulging in my love of baseball history, the Dodgers and Jackie Robinson. Those posts usually go over at my “old” blog, Walking Through the Valley.

And I’ve actually got a Sherlock Holmes story to get written for a collection to benefit the preservation of Undershaw, one of Doyle’s former homes’.

So, I’m busy pushing out words, just not for the blog these days. But I’ll try to get my updates here more often.

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