The Public Life of Sherlock Holmes – Catching up

I got so wrapped up in finishing the 2014 Solar Pons Gazette I forgot to post The Public Life of Sherlock Holmes updates!

Pons_ReynoldsThis week, I made my second post about Pons, looking at his collaborations with sci-fi author Mack Reynolds.

The week before, I looked at some Christmas stories featuring a certain detective residing at 221B Baker Street.

If you are looking for a laugh out loud fun game to play with two or more friends, check out Munchkin.

On November 17, I brought Solar Pons to Black Gate with an introductory article.

Prior tot that, I took another stab at ‘playing the Game’ with The Abbey Grange. Was Holmes fooled by a pretty face?

And I got to scratch my RGPing itch with a post on a third edition campaign setting, Warlords of the Accordlands.

So, I’ve remained busy with the column. Check in every Monday morning and see what’s up next.

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