The Solar Pons Gazette is back!

This blog’s name, ‘Almost Holmes,’ refers to my interest in Solar Pons, the Sherlock Holmes of Praed Street. Of course, a solely Pons (see what I did there?) site would be pretty unrealistic. So, lots of Holmes and other subjects.

But I do stay active in the Pons world with occasional updates to (the world’s only Pons-centric website), posts to my Pons FB page and new issues of The Solar Pons Gazette.

The Gazette is my free, online newsletter dedicated to Pons. It picked up the mantle from The Pontine Dossier, last published in 1977. There were two Gazettes in 2006, two in 2007 and one in 2008. I wrote about 95% of each issue. And the Gazette went on hiatus when I took a long Pons break after that 2008 issue.

My Pons flame sparked again in 2013 and I put out a new Gazette in late December.

And on November 20 of 2014, issue eight of the Gazette went live on at This issue had essays from several contributors and marks the first new collection of Pons writings (other than all mine) since that 1977 Dossier.

So swing on over to the site and check it out. There’s also some big news about the 2015 Gazette, which will also make its mark.

Solar Pons is alive and well on the internet: if not at bookstores and ereaders…


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