A Solar Pons Interview

Dan (r) and I at Gillette to Brett IV in 2014

Dan (r) and I at Gillette to Brett IV in 2014

Well, an interview about him, anyways. Dan Andriacco, a Holmes author and fellow Pons fan, kindly emailed me some questions about the Sherlock Holmes of Praed Street, which he then posted on his blog (boy, that was one long sentence!).

Swing by his site to check out his books, as well as his frequently updated blog.

And of course, read what I had to say about Pons.

2 thoughts on “A Solar Pons Interview

  1. Joe Allegretti

    I asked this on Dan Andriacco’s page but it can’t hurt to ask again–anything we can do to let the Derleth estate know that we’d like to see ebooks of Pons?

    1. Bob Byrne Post author

      Hi Joe. I replied there, but I’ll add it here as well. I’ve been told that the August Derleth Society is trying to get Derleth’s works in digital format. And they’ve had some success. But it seems that the current heirs controlling the Estate aren’t very interested. There doesn’t seem to be any progress at all on the Pons front.

      Now, I could be wrong: I’m not on the inside, but that’s how I understand the situation.

      George Vanderburgh’s Battered Silicon Dispatch Box imprint has been working on getting the collections out in paperback for several years, but I don’t know if that project is close to fruition.

      I don’t know if any “outsiders” like us would have any impact on the Estate. I think the best bet is for the Derleth Society to keep working on them.


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