The Public Life of Sherlock Holmes – The Case of the Short-Lived Sherlock

Column number three, talking about Ian Richardson, one of the mostIan Richardson underrated Sherlocks, is up over at Black Gate. You can sample it below and then click on the link to read it all. Richardson is in  my top five, so you could say that I’m a fan.

Netflix’ House of Cards redefined what can be achieved by a web series. Everything about it from casting to story to visuals screams “quality.” The fact that it was intended to run for only a single season yet has already been renewed for a third testifies to the success that the show has had. It’s tough to maintain viewership when there’s almost nobody to root for, but they’ve done it.
But I wonder how many people realize that it is a remake of a 1990 British miniseries (apparently lust for power transcends decades. And centuries…)? Ian Richardson plays the Kevin Spacey role. Francis Urquhart has a disarming smile that makes him seem more warm than Spacey’s Frank Underwood. Don’t be fooled!

The original House of Cards has a few Holmes ties. Female lead Susannah Harker appeared oppsite Charlton Heston in the TV version of Crucifer of Blood, a modified version of The Sign of the Four.

She was also the client in Jeremy Brett’s version of The Adventure of the Dying Detective. Also, Colin Jeavons was Brett’s Inspector Lestrade. But it is Richardson’s brief tenure as Sherlock Holmes that we will look at now.

Ian Richardson was an extremely successful stage actor in England, well known for his work in Shakespearean productions. He also enjoyed success on screen. Sadly, he is best known to American audiences as the man in the rolls royce who asks, “Would you have any grey poupon?” Such is fame….

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