Alan Wheatley as Mr. Sherlock Holmes…

ImageIn 1951, the BBC aired a six-episode series, We Present Alan Wheatley as Mr. Sherlock Holmes in… It was actually broadcast live, so no tapes exist today. Wheatley was an impressive looking Holmes with Raymond Francis as his Watson. Wheatley said of his experience, “I never enjoyed anything remains an unpleasing memory for me…” Of Holmes, he said, “In my opinion he just seemed to be an insufferable prig.” Can’t fault his assessment there.

The stories used were The Empty House, A Scandal in Bohemia, The Dying Detective, The Reigate Squires, The Red Headed League and The Second Stain.

I’ve not heard from anyone who actually saw this series, though the Times did lavish some praise on Wheatley. He is certainly one of the most unknown Holmes’.


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