The Chronicles of Solar Pons

ImageIn our first entry for Pinnacle’s Solar Pons reissues, we looked at The Adventures of Solar Pons: Regarding Sherlock Holmes. One month later, in December of 1974 The Chronicles of Solar Pons came out in.

It’s interesting to note that The Chronicles was the sixth collection of Derleth’s Pons stories. Yet Pinnacle issued it second; following only The Adventures. This is likely because the book was “new” having only come out in hardback in 1973 (two years after Derleth’s death).

Having reissued The Adventures, rather than continue on in the proper order, Pinnacle jumped ahead to the most recent book, featuring stories that had not been available for very long. The cover illustration is from The Benin Bronze.

Text from the back cover: “Solar Pons draws thoughtfully at his pipe, his keen eyes fixed on the door to his quarters at No. 7B Praed Street. In a moment a visitor will arrive – once again setting the game afoot. When August Derleth inherited the mantle of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, he created in Solar Pons a detective whose genius cannot be matched – perhaps not even by Holmes himself! In these ten superbly rafted adventures, Solar Pons’s deductive cunning slices through the tangles of the most bizarre episodes in his career.” 

The back cover also had an endorsement from the great Sherlockian, Vincent Starrett – “I have never failed to read a Solar Pons adventure with satisfaction and pleasure.”

The contents of The Chronicles:

  • Introduction by Allen J. Hubin
  • The Adventure of the Red Leech
  • The Adventure of the Orient Express
  • The Adventure of the Golden Bracelet
  • The Adventure of the Shaplow Millions
  • The Adventure of the Benin Bronze
  • The Adventure of the Missing Tenants
  • The Adventure of the Aluminum Crutch
  • The Adventure of the Seven Sisters
  • The Adventure of the Bishop’s Companion
  • The Adventure of the Unique Dickensians

The Red Leech and The Aluminum Crutch are, of course, untold tales referenced by Dr. Watson.

Derleth drew heavily from real life for The Golden Bracelet (page four)

Visit to learn more about The Chronicles.



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