The Adventures of Solar Pons

This is the first in a series of posts about the Pinnacle paperback versions of the Solar Pons stories. Reissues of the original Mycroft & Moran versions, it is these paperbacks that taught many of us about Pons (the M&M editions being expensive and scarce). 

From 1974 through 1976, Pinnacle re-issued all six short story collections and Mr. Fairlie’s Final Journey in paperback, with some pretty good covers. It was the last time Derleth’s Pontine Canon would be reissued. We’re still waiting almost forty years later for paperback or ebooks! Pinnacle would also release the first four Basil Copper Pons books, also with cool covers.

ImageFirst up is In Re: Sherlock Holmes – The Adventures of Solar Pons

Text from the back cover: Sherlock Holmes’ decision to live alone in the bee-loud glade left an abhorrent vacuum in the life of London; but of all the Holmesian commentators, only August Derleth perceived the obvious truth – that the vacuum had to be filled. And how admirably Solar Pons fills it!” – Anthony Boucher.

The back cover also had this: “In his Inverness cape Solar Pons steps briskly from No. 7B Praed Street onto the mist-shrouded cobblestones of old London’s alleyways. Once again the game is afoot… Over forty years ago the pen of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle passed into the hand of nineteen year old August Derleth; with superb craftsmanship and Holmesian fervor the young author created the character Solar Pons. Of this creation, Derleth wrote: ‘Solar Pons came into being out of Sherlock Holmes. Solar Pons is Sherlock Holmes.’ At his death, in 1971, Derleth had published over 130 books, including 6 complete collections of Solar Pons adventures.”

The contents of ‘The Adventures’:

  • The Adventure of the Frightened Baronet
  • The Adventure of the Late Mr. Haversham
  • The Adventure of the Black Narcissus
  • The Adventure of the Norcross Riddle
  • The Adventure of the Retired Novelist
  • The Adventure of the Three Red Dwarfs
  • The Adventure of the Sotheby Salesman
  • The Adventure of the Purloined Periapt
  • The Adventure of the Limping Man
  • The Adventure of the Seven Passengers
  • The Adventure of the Lost Holiday
  • The Adventure of the Man With the Broken Face
  • A Word from Doctor Lyndon Parker

‘The Black Narcissus’ was the very first Pons story. ‘The Late Mr. Haversham’ is Derleth’s telling of Waton’s untold account “of Mr. James Phillimore, who, stepping back into his own house to get his umbrella, was never more seen in this world”

As always you can find out more about ‘The Sherlock Holmes of Praed Street’ at my website,, the source for everything Solar Pons.

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